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Body Armour Underwear - Protection Gamut

Just like climates and clothes, our needs also differ. The communities where we live, the type of job we have, and our status in the society, are some of the key factors that influence our needs. Just like the body armour underwear we don depends on the kind of threat we are most vulnerable to encounter.

Thus, it is vital to learn about the protection gamut of the bullet proof vest we have or about to procure. Bear in mind that there are six different level of bullet resistance capacity set by NIJ. Each level can withstand different types of guns and rifles. So choose wisely and pick the one you need best.

In choosing the appropriate bullet proof vest for you or your loved one, there are important considerations you have to make first. You need to know the type of threat you are possible to encounter either in your work or in your community. Know the type of climate where you will be using the vest most of the time. Figure out why you need it, what it is for or for what purpose. Information like this is pertinent in your choice of selection.

Once you have listed down these essential data, you also need to know your proper measurement. Fit is crucial for convenience and ease of mobility. You must know how to perfectly get your measurement to be able to order the right size. There are tips online, or better yet you can ask your supplier on how to properly get the right body size.

The scale of protection your bullet resistant vest can provide depends on the NIJ standard. You can choose from level 1 to level 4. You can also opt for concealable types or the tactical vests. Oftentimes militaries, soldiers and those in the armed forces prefer higher protection levels which are bulkier and heavier as opposed to executives who prefer to wear concealable ballistic vest.

Tactical vests are designed to make the wearer conspicuous amidst crowded places while concealable vests are designed to keep the gear unnoticeable to avoid panic or discomfort within the surrounding area. Both types of vests also provide different degree of resistance. Ostensibly, the bigger ones can provide you intense protection against high-powered guns as the thinner ones.

Higher levels of protection require additional plates for stronger resistance capacity. That is why, if you are in the military or any other law enforcement organizations obtaining vests with extra pockets is imperative. Versatility is necessary, so if you have added pockets in your ballistic vest, it can be easier for you to add plates at any time. The moment higher resistance is needed; you can easily adjust protection by adding extra plates to the pockets.