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Explore the Excitement of Playing Dress Up Games

Dress up games are one of the most popular girl games online with good reason. Playing the various fashion games taps into a girl's creativity and helps her focus her creative talents in a meaningful way. Being involved with fashion games seems simple from the upper most levels, but when you begin to play and realize the complexity of the games and network of girls who enjoy the activities, the depth of the girl games becomes more evident.

Understanding Dress Up Games

Dress up games are easy enough to understand. There is a doll base online, much like a two-dimensional Barbie doll just waiting to be dressed and styled accordingly by the player. When you select a doll base, you will then have the option of selecting additional design elements. The hair and make-up will be one of the first improvements on your doll base. Some bases have hair and make up already in place, but many let you design that aspect of the doll as well.

Once you have a basic design in place, your next step is to work with the hundreds of clothing options available for the dolls to wear. The clothing in most of the games is modern and much like something you would expect to see sold in clothing stores today. This gives an added modern edge to the games that the girls like especially. Rather than being adult clothing, often the styles are more appropriate for teens and young adults.

The next step is dressing the doll in the various clothing available until you find the perfect fit. Of course all of the clothing fit the virtual body perfectly, but you must find the perfect style fit for the look you are seeking. When you find the right design, the doll might not be complete if you have additional options of backgrounds.

Using Dress Up Games

Playing dress up games is just the beginning. Once the dolls are created on the computer, there are various things that the girls like to do with their creations. The dolls can be used as avatars on forums, including the forum that is often associated with the doll creations. The dolls can be copied onto stationary or notepads that girls can use to print. The creations can become part of a signature for emails or forum postings and they might just be shared between friends through chats or emails.

Most dolls are not created in dress up games without a background story developing in the child's mind. Often the dolls are the basis of creative works of fiction or as characters in a play or story a child has already written. The dolls make beautiful illustrations when the story is written down and prepared for printing or online publication.

Benefits of Dress Up Games

The games have significant benefits for the players. The games are one of the few activities available that continue to inspire creativity in the user. Rather than following a path laid out by creative artists, you are in charge of your own creation and the final result depends on how you worked to create it. Finding that creative spirit and being able to put it to good use is a wonderful asset of any activity, but especially dress up games.