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How To ABSOLUTELY Bypass Safety In Your GM Car And Drive Joyful

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But I'm the one who started some charitable stuff, too using some of our income. I established the first soup kitchens in Chicago providing meals to the homeless and individuals who had lost their jobs because of the Despair. Some guys used to stand on street corners promoting apples to make a buck. We referred to as them "Apple Annies." We served three free meals a day to these folks. This made me very visible and some people saw me as a modern-day Robin Hood.

Yep - I've hit a deer. Knock on wood, just one in my lifetime regardless of living in deer territory my whole life. But geese - geese have been a thorn in our (neighborhood or neighborhood) aspect for 30 years. Can't shoot them - people go crazy over killing the wildlife - yet demand they be eliminated so they do not spoil lakes and beaches.