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Sales Manager Tips - Get the Winning Edge With Forgiveness

How to Accelerate Your Life as a Sales Manager with Forgiveness

How important is forgiveness and why would I want to "let people off the hook"?

First of all, let's cover the first misnomer about forgiveness, that to forgive means to excuse the behavior or condone it. It is neither. Forgiveness is purely and simply the act of taking your negative energy (resentment, anger, fear) away from an event that happened in the past. The decision to continue in a relationship (business or personal) is a separate decision than the decision to forgive.

Why make the decision today, to forgive? Because your resentment isn't hurting them, it's hurting you. No matter what they have done or haven't done, what they have said or have never said, this issue now lies with you and your decision to re-create the hurt is really your choice.

Forgiveness is, after all, for you! That may surprise you, but it's true. That person that you are holding a grudge against has long ago forgotten or repressed the guilt (if they had any to begin with) about what they did. Holding that grudge is not hurting them one bit, but it could be hurting you immensely, both emotionally and physically.

Holding resentment against another person is like drinking poison and waiting for the other person to die!

Why not give yourself the gift of freedom? Free up all of that energy that you are holding against someone else and use it to create something wonderful in your life. With all of this new energy, you will be able to accelerate your own life in lots of beautiful ways.

You could paint a painting, ride a bike, go hiking, start a business, volunteer, eat a doughnut, bake a cake, read a book, meditate, make your heart sing. When was the last time your heart really sang? Maybe it is time to take your heart out for karaoke!

Are you ready to forgive?

Here's how:

Picture the person that you want to forgive (maybe it's you).

Imagine that they are standing in a beautifully ornate white and chrome shower stall dressed in a long flowing white robe.

As you turn on the shower with your mind, there is white light coming out of the showerhead, no wait, it's coming from way up above.

This pure white light is now bathing them, washing all of your resentments away and down the drain. Feel what it is like to release all of that anger and fear. Down the drain it goes. Ah, bliss...

Watch them smile... feel yourself smile... start at the top with the next person.

How long will this take? As long as it takes. Enjoy the ride!